Tipping in Puerto Vallarta

The standard tip at bars and restaurants is 15-20 percent of the bill, depending upon service. Some restaurants automatically add 15-20 percent to the bill usually for groups of six or more, so be sure to check the menu or your bill. Also double-check the math—beach restaurants in particular have been known to employ questionable techniques when calculating the checks.

Taxi drivers are generally not tipped unless they perform some extra service for you (such as carrying bags, making multiple stops, or acting as a translator or guide). Housekeeping should be tipped 10-20 pesos per day.

Tip live musicians (and maybe even the not-so-lively ones) when they sing, especially when the singing is directed at you at dinner. Even if the song isn't directed at you, a tip is always appreciated. When taking photographs of locals, ask first, as they may expect a tip for posing.