The Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is located in the northern section of town, just past the Marina Vallarta area. It comprises a commercial international section and a general aviation section.

The commercial section has a single runway, 3,100 meters in length and 45 meters in width, capable of handling all current traffic without restrictions. The airfield is capable of handling 40 takeoffs or landings per hour. The airport has 11 active gates, three serviced directly from the terminal, and eight serviced remotely using shuttle buses.

During the high season the airport handles approximately 300,000 passengers a month. During the low season it handles about half of that volume.

Puerto Vallarta International Airport Transportation to and from the airport is mostly done by taxi (Aeromovil) or combi bus (Colectivo minivan). Taxi and combi bus charge rates based on zones of travel. Taxi and combi minivan's are paid for before entering the vehicle... at a small kiosk located just outside the terminal building exit. Once you have obtained your ticket, the driver will escort you to your vehicle. The ticket is then handed to the parking attendant at the parking lot exit...and you are on your way.

Charges for Aeromovil transportation are a little more expensive than regular taxi service as the airport is considered Federal Property and the taxes are higher. If you want, you can walk a few meters to the highway and flag down a taxi, that'll save you about 5-10 dollars US.

For those that are traveling light, you can also catch a local bus for 0.30 dollars US (3 pesos).