When to go to Puerto Vallarta

Summer in Puerto Vallarta is pleasant, though humid. Expect highs in the upper 80s F/27 C and higher. The heat is often relieved by an afternoon shower. September and October can be more uncomfortable than the summer due to a lesser chance of rain.

Expect nice weather (highs in the upper 60s-upper 70s F/16-21 C) November-April, with rarely any worry of rain. It's a great opcion for Spring Break. Hurricane season is throughout October. December-March is the high season, when the weather is at its best, prices are highest, and the city is most crowded.

What to wear

The warm and humid days of summer call for light, comfortable sportswear and bathing suits. (Sunscreen is a necessity.) For the rainy season, June-October, you might want a waterproof jacket. That's also when the mosquitoes are strongest, so carry repellent. For outings in the jungle, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts in light fabrics. Late December-late February, a light jacket is nice at night, but don't be surprised to see the locals bundled up in sweaters. You can wear relatively casual clothing to most business meetings—cool cotton shirts for men and not-too-revealing sundresses for women. City residents appear in shorts and T-shirts or blouses and summer slacks or skirts when going about their business during the day. Dress is informal at most restaurants, though beachwear is prohibited. Both men and women should use beach cover-ups when walking on the streets. Due to the air-conditioning in most gourmet restaurants, take a jacket or light wrap with you when going out for dinner. We recommend good, comfortable walking shoes for traversing Puerto Vallarta's cobblestoned streets.


Prices usually include tax, but since there are some "luxury" items that have additional taxes, be sure to ask at the time of purchase. Restaurants will charge this same "IVA" tax, about 15%, as do hotels, which add an additional 2% hotel tax.