Scuba Arcos & Majahuitas

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alarm 3 hours and 20 minutes
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Excellent for all levels, from novice divers, to advanced. This national marine park consist of four rocks or islets, shallows and a deep sea canyon. The dives in this area can be enjoyed from 10 to 90 feet. The view from the wall into the canyon that exceeds 1500 feet of depth. This site is characterized by its great variety of fish, turtles and numerous other sea creatures. Located at a short 30 minute boat ride from Marina Vallarta
One of Mexico's most popular marine reserves, Los Arcos is a cluster of granite islands that perch out of the water in the southern part of Banderas Bay. With depths ranging from 30-1600 feet, the waters surrounding Los Arcos are the deepest in the entire bay, offering experienced divers the perfect environment for night diving in Vallarta.


What is included?
  • PADI certified divemaster
  • BCD
  • Wetsuit
  • Regulator
  • Weights
  • Beverages
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    2 Tanks (10 - 99 years)
    $125 USD
    $119 USD
    Meeting Points
    • location_searchingEco Explorer OfficeCalle Proa, Local 22-A. Marina Vallarta

     This activity is only for certfies scuba diver witha minimum of 25 imersions

    • Tanks: 2
    • Boat: Dive Panga
    • Water Temp: 65-89°F/18-31°C
    • Average Visibility: 60 ft/18 m
    • Depth: 30-1600 ft/9-488 m
    • $50 Pesos Dock Fee per person are Not included. Due at activity check in.
    • Divers must hold a valid certification card to participate in our diving programs. Certified divers who have not dived in the past 12 months will be required to take a scuba refresher course.
    • Certified divers are automatically entitled to participate in 2 tank dives up to a maximum depth of 60 ft.
    • Advanced divers can participate in 2 tank dives up to a maximum depth of 120 ft.
    • Supervision is normally 1 Dive master to 3 diver pairs using the buddy system.
    • An Acknowledgement of Risk will need to be signed before participating in any of our dive

    Diving within 24 hours of your flight home is not recommended.