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Grocery / Supermarkets


Grocery supermarkets


Open 24 hours a day, many of the locals shopping at this Vallarta supermarket because of more economical prices. Clothes and miscellaneous items for the home are found on the second floor. It is located on México Avenue about two blocks from Hidalgo Park in Centro.

Comercial Mexicana

Here you will find a higher quality Vallarta supermarket, more like those at home. The prices – and also the quality – are a little higher than at other stores, and there is a pharmacy and bakery onsite. Located in Plaza Marina.


The new Comercial Mexicana store in the Hotel Zone is located 2 blocks from the Sheraton Hotel towards the airport. It has an excellent meat department, deli meats, and bakery. You will also find just about anything else you will need, including an in-house pharmacy.


You will find a full line of groceries and meats as well as frozen foods, clothes, liquor and amazingly fresh produce and everything you could possibly need in a Vallarta grocery store. It is located inside the Plaza Caracol Mall just off Francisco Medina Asencio Boulevard.

Gutierrez Rizo

 A great selection of foreign and US foods, but spotty, often indifferent service. Here, there are more products in bulk and they have the best selection of quality wines and hard liquors. It is very centrally located near the Rio Cuale on Constitución.

Sam's Club

Same as in the United States and the equivalent of Costco in the U.S. and Canada. A wholesale warehouse where you can buy anything and everything – most often in bulk. They have the finest selection of imported meats along with many other different products. Sam's Clubs cards from the U.S. are valid here, or you can purchase a membership for 350 pesos. It is located across the street from Maritime Terminal.


 The newest of the grocery/hard goods stores. Located next to Sam's Club, Wal-Mart is very similar to the ones in your home area. Excellent bakery and deli department, great prices on anything you forgot to pack. Best place to buy a boogie board or snorkel gear for cheap.


Same than in the U.S. a wholesale warehouse where you can find a lot of variety of products, food, fine wines, clothing, electronic and many other options. They accept the US membership or you can buy one for 400 pesos. The store is located at Fluvial Vallarta almost in Francisco Villa Ave.

There are numerous "farmacias" (pharmacies) around town, where you can buy everything from sun tan lotions to local herbal remedies. In addition, many prescription drugs can be bought over the counter in Mexico at prices much lower than in North America and Europe.